Lorenzo Revello company policy has always been focused on two main principles which continuously inspire company strategy choices: Investment and Quality.
        The property of the Revello Group has been continuously investing energy and capitals into a policy of internal development that could support the commercial strategy aimed to strengthen the company and gain new segments of traffic. Great attention has been paid to the quality of service as a synergic composition of promptness, professionality, rapidity, flexibility and adaptability.
        The Revello Group, as services producer, gives a particular attention to staff selection and training, considering Human Resources Manager as one of the fundamental fulcra of the entire organisation. The aim of this choice is to bring out the concept of "human capital" and "intangible capital",a distinctive element of a company policy and strategy which continuously improves the quality of the service and achieves customer highest satisfaction through an interrupted staff optimisation. Internal and external selection, evaluation, organisation and training processes are therefore planned, carried out and measured guaranteeing qualified personnel for the Group single activities.
        In order to improve customer care, Revello autonomously developed several computer programs according to each field specific procedures and also referring to the different customers demands. Through these single applications complex connection the firm is now able to provide updated reports about works status and the entire range of produced services. Furthermore, the system flexibility offers the opportunity to bring to precision costs analysis and related pro-forma, budget analysis along with a detailed monitoring of operations details.
        The achieved technologic capacity, the flexibility and adaptability to customer's demands and needs, the deep knowledge of service industry mechanisms, as well as local context awareness, provide updated information for the entire organisation which is constantly up to the task of excellent performances and customer satisfaction.
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